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Oral Diseases

The major oral diseases are dental caries, gum disease, trauma, dentofacial disharmonies and oral cancer.
Tooth Decay+
Dental caries is manifested by cavitated or non-lesions (with or without visible loss of tooth tissue) affecting the mineralized tissues of the teeth.

A toothache is what it feels like, usually, when a tooth has formed a cavity. However, in the early stages caries lesions do not cause any symptoms, this emerging only when the extent of the injury is more significant.

If treated properly and promptly, the progression of carious lesions can be stopped, avoiding the risk of tooth loss.
Gingival Disease+
Oral Sensitivity+

Dental Treatments

Esthetic Dentistry+
Dental caries is the most common oral disease in our population. It is treated by eliminating the area of the affected tooth and rebuilding it.

In our clinic almost all restorations are made with resins. These composites allow to obtain optimal aesthetic results, making it impossible, without a medical exam, to distinguish them from natural teeth.
Tooth Whitening+
Removable Dental Prosthetics+
A removable prosthesis is intended to replace lost teeth. It is easily removed and inserted by itself without intervention of the Dentist. After careful observation, Dentist builds a model of your mouth. In just 2 or 3 additional appointments for evidence, your dentures is completed.
Fixed Dental Prosthetics +
Extraction of Teeth and Surgery+
Oral hygiene+